Welcome to the Life is too short WikiaEdit

This is the Life is too short wiki, where life is too short was first made. The wiki show about the Characters and more. But Life is too short is a very long series, so where was it made?

About the wikiaEdit

Life is too short is a 1998 Irish Sitcom that air on YouTube in 2005. The wikia will show all about the show from 1998 - 2016. Episode was The Truth Of Out Stars, The Episode aired on June 5th 1998 the same date as the movie "Mulan" came out!!

The FinalEdit

Every year there is a winner of Life is too short. There has been 10 seasons and 650 episodes from 1998 - 2016. Sadly the show ended on the 35th of June 2016:,(

Angry The Host 2004 - 2016

Angey The Host

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